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Strategic Plan 2017-2023

The University Library embarked on a year-long library-wide strategic planning process in Spring 2016.  This planning involved staff from all areas of the Library and supports the University's 2017-2023 Plan.  The Library's Strategic Plan includes mission, vision, organizational values, and strategic themes to guide the Library through 2023.


2017-2023 Library Strategic Plan.pdf


The University Libraries advance the teaching and research mission of the university and support students, faculty, staff and the greater community by providing patron-centered services, comprehensive and diverse collections, individual and collaborative learning environments, innovative technologies, and opportunities to learn, create and discover.


The University Libraries shall:

  • Provide collections and services to enable National Research University status;
  • Promote free inquiry, critical thinking, and the exchange of ideas;
  • Serve as the intellectual, social and technological center of the university community through the design of physical and virtual environments that incorporate innovative technologies and services;
  • Create a workplace that recruits and retains a highly skilled and engaged staff.

Organizational Values:

These values reflect the hopes and intentions of the talented and diverse staff of the University Libraries of Texas State University. We seek to live these values daily and feel that they spur us to excellence and toward the realization of our vision and achievement of our objectives.

  • Teaching & Learning – We enhance place‐based and online teaching and learning by promoting lifelong learning and the development of critical competencies in students as part of our commitment to making a difference in the lives of graduates and to improving the quality of life for the university community and beyond.
  • Scholarship & Research – We foster intellectual curiosity, scholarly inquiry and discovery, and critical thinking. We support interdisciplinary discourse as key catalysts to the creation of new knowledge.
  • Intellectual Freedom - We respect the ideas of individuals and believe the free exchange of ideas is critical to the creation of knowledge and to democracy. University Libraries support intellectual freedom by providing diverse collections and programs representing multiple views and perspectives, ensuring equitable access to information, and protecting patron privacy and confidentiality.
  • Service – We believe each staff member is responsible for providing a responsive library experience that meets the unique and evolving needs and exceeds expectations of students, faculty and staff.
  • Professional Excellence – We take pride in what we do, endeavor to carry out our professional and social responsibilities with integrity and uncompromised ethical standards, and strive for exceptional achievement in all aspects of our work. Respect, trust, and honesty are fundamental to our interactions with customers and colleagues.
  • Innovation – We promote and support an environment that encourages creativity, new ideas, flexibility, agility and innovation. We challenge paradigms and endeavor to exceed expectations in every project or initiative we undertake with an eye to quality, effectiveness, efficiency, consistency, accuracy, timeliness, sustainability and continuous improvement.
  • Diversity – We regard diversity as paramount to realizing an inclusive atmosphere of mutual respect, fairness, compassion and caring for students, faculty, staff, and the community.
  • Collaboration – We encourage cooperation and teamwork through open communication among University Libraries colleagues, with Texas State faculty and staff, and with the broader academic community while respecting individual knowledge, ideas and contributions.
  • Staff Investment – We know it is essential to create a work environment and culture that celebrates success, encourages staff to stretch to reach their potential and confirms that staff members are valued and appreciated. We understand this requires a commitment to providing the development resources and support that staff members need to attain their personal and professional goals.
  • Outreach – We extend the library experience, transcending the physical libraries and meeting the patrons where they are.